FIR Full Form | Section 154 Crpc

F.I.R FULL FORM: First Information Report.

F.I.R generally filed by a person or victim and any another person can also file FIR on behalf of the victim.FIR is a Document of first information which is reaches to police first.


FIR-- filed only in cognizable offences which means serious types of offence in general life we are seeing so many types of offences at that time we also listen a word about F.I.R, So FIR only filed in those offences which are declared cognizable offences under ipc and Crpc.

Complaint -- Complaint may be filed by the person in non cognizable offences means non serious offences, in such a cases police officers can't investigate the matter without permission of the Magistrate, but in Serious types of offences police can investigate any matter without the permission of the Magistrate or Court.

Where FIR can be ragistered 

According to the C.rpc when the matter is serious types and matter is related to the offences against women then under section 154 (a) FIR can be ragistered at any place or we can say at convenient place of such person also at the residence of the person.

Section 154 

Section 154 also talks about FIR and this section is mentioned in C.R.pc (The Criminal Procedure Code 1973). According to the section 154 every information relating to the commission of a cognizable offence, if given orally to an officer in charge of a police'station, shall be reduced to writing by him or under his direction,and be read over to the informant and every such information,whether given in writing or reduced to writing as aforesaid, shall be signed by the person giving it, and the substance therefore shall be entered in a book to be kept by officer.

We are trying to give information about FIR and also mentioned in this article about the law with section, please for more information concern your Counsel.

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