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Privacy Policy---

We are kuchnyaa blog and we have some terms condition for our blog.It is very Important to read our Privacy Policy carefully

Our Policy-

Our blog is related to the important facts and legal points.We shall not allow to any one to use our blog for commercial use ,User cannot copy to our full blog for any commercial activity.

Because our so many topics are related to legal issue,so it's just for information to spread information to everyone,we are not creating any professional relationship of advocate and client, We had already mentioned in so many blog that for any legal issue meet your area advocate, we are not providing any advocate for you,we are just spreading information.

Because our blog is working in English and Hindi language so can ask us to deliver any post or article in hindi language or english language if you are facing any problems to understand the important information.

We have full right to delete any comment on our blog. So we are requesting to all user to please do not post any wrong comment.

We shall not allow any spam activity into our post.If we found any immoral post,against any religions,against any group of society and against any public idol or other's then we can delete your post any time or can also take legal action against you.

Our blog is only to Share various types of information and some special facts.
We are not Doing any Promise to the reader that we will provide you best and 100% Right information. It may possible that some time our information resources may be wrong.

But we can say that we will do our best to provide you best information.

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