CPC FULL FORM | Enforcement Date Of CPC and roll In Indian Civil Court


CPC full form is Civil Procedural Code, it is only applicable to Property, Revenue, Service Matter, or we can say Civil Matter.


Generally CPC known as Civil Procedural Code 1908 it mean it was prepared on 21st March 1908 but this act came into force on First Day Of January 1909 .

Roll Of CPC in the India Court's System

As we can read Civil Procedural Code,it means and sounds Procedural Code, it is a Procedure about filing about Dismissal Everything about Civil Matter in a simple language we can say it is a system about Civil Matter that how we will file a Civil Case, and different steps of the Civil matter in the Civil court everything about filing to service Evidence and Conclusion.

We have 158 Sections in Cpc and 51 Orders every Order have their own Rules, Biggest Order is Order 21 and it has 106 Rules.

Every Section Of the CPC can be amended by the Central Government and Orders of the CPC can be amended by the State Government.

Section 2 of this Act defines the every word related to this act section 2 is only a Definition part .

Section 2 has 20 clause and every clause defined the word related to the civil Code for Example Decree it is defined in the 2nd Clause of the definition part section 2 and Decree Holder defined in the 3rd clause of the definition part section 2 and Code defined as rules it is in clause 1 of the definition part section 2.

We had tried to provide you small information about CPC what is the roll of the CPC in the indin court system we had also provide the information about full form of cpc and enforcement date of CPC, kindly comment about our article and ask the questions feel free to ask more questions or more articles about CPC we will try to provide the article about cpc.

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