What is Google Adsense | how can I get Adsense approval on Blogger and YouTube

 Everyone is aware about various online earning platform and YouTube or blogger is one of them,When we work on various platforms then our content our unique art may be liked by public at large and then we run some ads on our content whether it is on YouTube or it is on Blogger.

What is Google AdSense

We know that you are totally aware about this because you are searching this but as know we are also running ads on our website KUCHNYAA and trying to earn something that's why it is very important to explain this , it doesn't matter that viewers know this or not but we will explain 😁. Just joking don't take it seriously and keep reading .

Adsense is platform where you will apply with your website or youtube channel that I am showing my unique art or content on any particular platform kindly run your ads on my website or youtube platform .

Google Adsense will check your website or youtube channel and will check about the credibility of your channel or website, if you are using unique art or unique content then google adsense will run his ads on your website and YouTube.

Google Adsense don't have its own advertisements generally other dealers or product company contact to google adsense and adsense by taking commission or charges and then they run there ads on various website or youtube channel .

How can I get Adsense approval on Blogger and YouTube

This problem is facing by everyone after 2020 and now we are in 2023 still many youtuber and blogger are facing this problem because we are not trying to understand the main focus of google adsense. Your first target should be to achieve good attention by people I mean traffic, don't focus for adsense approval.

The reason behind this problem is that people are not understanding the main focus of google adsense so many youtube channel's are giving wrong method to how to take approval ,I can give you guarantee that by these shortcut method you can't take the approval, for approval you have to understand the google policies .

I am trying to convey you a massage that there is no shortcut available to take the approval and it is also a truth that taking approval is not big deal or hard method there is very simple method to take approval.

1. Do smart work on your youtube channel or blogger .

2. If you are doing work on Blogger then you  should write atleast 60 blogs or article but your all content should be good unique but not 💯 %  if you are taking any information from internet then try to convert it into your own words and with new thing , but you should write atleast 60 articles on your blogger website.

3. If you are on Youtube then it is very important that wait for atleast 1000 subscriber on YouTube, if you will got 1k subscriber then you can apply for adsense. 

4. If you have written more than 60 Article on blogger and despite this adsence is not giving approval then you should check that how many people are visiting your website everyday if it is less than 100 views per day then you should increase it, there is no specific method just keep writing one day you will get good traffic .

It is very important to choose good topic for blog where compitition is less and to get more view chance is very good, target only those article where you have good interest and there is possibility to get good traffic , some time it happen that you had published any article and you are getting good traffic on this article after long time so wait and have patience .

5. For youtube channel you should wait for 1k subscriber then you can apply for adsense but if adsense is not giving approval after 1k then you should check that your viewers are seeing your videos or just they are opening it , because adsense is very smart if public is just opening and not spending there time to watch any particular video then adsense will pretend  that your content is not a good content you should check this or if it is actually happening on your Youtube then you should make more interesting video or good content for youtube , 

Some times if you are not getting enough views on your youtube channel then in this situation also Adsense will not allow approval for your channel,for youtube we same formula to get good traffic is creat good content give good title and target very smartly as we have mentioned for blogger . 

But after using every technical point you are not getting approval then you should not make more request to the adsense there are so many websites where you can get approval very easily and when you feel that now I am getting very good traffic then again you can apply for google adsense, google adsense will not object thet you are using other networks to run ads on your website or youtube channel . We are using adstera ad network with Google Adsense.

We have not describe here about adsense whole polices to read adsense polices go to on Adsense but if you are going to work on our suggestions then we have full faith that you will definitely get approval , We are not writing on behalf of adsense but we are writing on according to our personal experience.

We are waiting for your comments on our comment box kindly comment on our comment box and you can also complaint or can give your valuable suggestions in our comment box.

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