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Terms and condition-

-we can delete your comment any time.

-we have right on our blogs.

Do not Use or Copy our Content.

-We have full right to change our Policy
 any time.

We are not doing any contract or Promise to any reader related to our Content,blog and links provided in this blog.

It is our right to deliver any post or article in hindi or english language,it is your duty to ask us to mention about the mistake or any information in hindi or english language,We have also full right to mention terms and conditions or privacy policies in English language,It is your duty to contact us by our gmail id which is mentioned in contact us to understand any language, words or any paragraph into hindi or English language.

We will inform you by notice if we change our policy, we can mention it in the end of every blog,if you subscribed then you will get notification.

-Our Information is only for your educational use,or for your knowledge.

If you want some Professional help you can comment. We will try to Provide you information about this.

User can also mention any problem and suggestions related to our Blog comment box,we will work or your suggestions and try to solve issue.

-If you faced any problem and you have any complaint or Problem related to our Content or blog. Inform us directly on comment box or you can also mail us about this problem or Complaint.

-We can Advertise to any brand Product on our site or article.but it shall be paid promotion or paid advertisement.We are not supporting any product quality so before purchasing, it is your duty to check the product quality in detail.

-The manufacturer and seller of the product will be responsible for that product. We or our website do not vouch for the quality and veracity of any product

All Authors who's are giving article to Kuchnyaa blog for Publishing they all are also bound by our terms and conditions,by writing articles they have accepted our terms and conditions,if any author write article on our website it means he has left his IPR right (Intellectual Property Right).

It is your duty to read out terms and conditions or privacy policies with very carefully.

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Our Gmail Address is -vishalkumarsharmavks3@gmail.com
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