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 Charlie Munger name may be very known name for those who are searching for him, actually Charlie Munger is inspiration for every law student , buisness man and everyone who want to do something great in his life.He also got a lot of good quotes and his book name is Damn Right,He might be better known as Warren Buffett's partner at Berkshire Hathaway and he is also a Harvard educated lawyer with a serious bankroll.We can also say that he is a very good investor and great supporter of education he also served in US army and in various sector. 

Full name is Charles Thomas Munger

and he is from  America

Charlie Thomas Munger

Charlie Thomas Munger Birth Date is 1st Jan. 1924 and he is American billionaire invester,buisness man and Former real estate attorney.
Education:University of Michigan,California Institute of Technology,Harvard Law School .
Occupation: Gave up Law Practise and then Buisness Man.
Service Branch : United States Army and Air Force in second world war.
Year of Services : 1943 to 1946.
Rank : Second Lieutenant
Battles/War: Second world War.

Charlie Munger Net Worth

Charlie Munger Has Net Worth of 2.5 Billion according to Forbes and his benevolence is focused on education,he gave large donation to many university like Michigan Law School,he also donated to Stanford University about 43 million and to University Of California around 200 million in 2016.

Charlie entered in real estate partnership in 1961 and constructed Own - your -aprtment in southern California,in 1962 he founded a new law firm Munger.He also like holds so many stocks in various sectors,Bank of American corporation is one of them. 

After some time he gave up the practice of law when he realised he could make significantly more money on managing investment and started working with Warren Buffet.

Charlie Munger also known for

Charlie Munger served as Chairman of wesco finacial Corporation since 1984 to 2011,he is also chairman of the daily journal Corporation based in Lose Angeles,california director of Costco wholesale corporation and also of Law school.

Charlie Munger had also praised to China

Charlie Munger was also against Bitcoin Currency, during the question session of shareholder meeting in 2021 about cryptocurrency he said blankly that Bitcoin was "Created Out Thin Air "and it is a "Go to Payment method for Criminals" .He has also praised to China's Ban on Cryptocurrency.

Charlie Munger Best friend 

Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger have been friend more then 60 year and also a buisness partners since 1978,they have both become billionaires while building Barkeshire Hathaway into 630$billion giant investment. 

Charlie Munger Family

Wife Name is Nancy Jean 1945 to 1953
second Marriage wife Nancy Barry Borthwick 1956 and died in 2010.
9 including two step children.

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