Which Part Of Indian Constitution taken from other Countries | and it's Features

 Indian Constitution taken from other countries

For the smooth functioning of a country , there is requirement of a framework or the principles which will govern how the authorities of a country will work. 

This purpose is fulfiled by Constitution of that country. 

Constitution is the basic, fundamental and first law of a country.

All the laws of a country are enacted under and within the Constitution of that country thus it is known as the Grund norm of the country.

Lets find out the features borrowed from the constitution of other countries to give shape to our law of land -


From Britain we have taken -

- Parliament form of govt.

- Nominal head that is President(similar to queen)

- Cabinet system of ministers.

- Post of PM.

- Bicameral Parliament.

- Lower house more powerful.

- Speaker in Lok Sabha.

- Council of ministers responsible to Lower House.


From U.S.A we have taken-

- The concept of Fundamental Rights to the citizens

-Written Constitution

- Independence of Judiciaryand judicial review.

- Vice President as the ex-officio chairman of Rajya Sabha 

- Executive head of state known as President and his being the Supreme commander of Armed forces.


From Canada we have taken-

- Federation with a strong centre.

- Distribution of powers between the centre and states.

- Residuary powers with the centre.


From Ireland we have taken-

- Concept of Directive Principles of State Policy(Ireland borrowed it from Spain).

- Method of election of President.

- Nomination of members in the Rajya Sabha by the President.


From USSR we have taken-

- The concept of fundamental duties.

- Five year plan.


From Japan we have taken-

- Concept of 'procedure established by law'.

South Africa

- Amendment of the constitution. 
As of 2021 there have been 105 amendments in the Indian constitution.


- Suspension of the Fundamental Rights during the emergency.


- Ideals of Liberty, Equality, Fraternity.

- Concept of Republic.


- Trade and Commerce.

- Third list (concurrent list).

- Language of the preamble.

All these were the features taken from other constitutions into ours. The Constituent Assembly took 2 years, 11 months and 18 days to complete the framing of Indian Constitution.

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