Top 5 List Of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in India and USA In 2023

 As we know india has good future in electronic vehicle not just india whole world is trying to convert into electronic vehicle markit, reason is clear because of expensive fuel and not eco friendly it is also true that today no one wants to depend on other that's why India and other growing country also trying to do something new in vehicle because the demand of fuel is very high and it's very hard to provide  in less price.

Today specially india is doing great in electronic vehicle inventions, before some time period ago it was just a dream and everybody knew this fact that to run any vehicle we are totally depend on petrol,Diesel,CNG and other but no one could believe that we can switch to Electric version of Vehicle.

But today India or Indian Minister Sh.Nitin Gadkari doing great work to promote electric and hybrid vehicle,In India Minister Nitin Gadkari has some Goal to reduse large part of patrol and other version from India and to convert it into electric vehicle .

Electric Charging Station

We have so many country those are trying to convert into electric vehicle like Japan and other developed Country and today we will also talk about USA United States of America their Electric vehicle Charging station and Contractor, top Electronic vehicle In America .

We will also explain about hybrid vehicle in India and USA.

Delta Electronic India 
Is one of the most popular name in India and Delta Electronic is very famous in various manufacturing product in India , it serves in India for various types of chargers for examples AC slow charger and fast charger.

They are trying to install various types of charger in India in Home charger and in Public charger not just for vehicles but also for other gadgets in India .

P2 Solution 
It was established in 2006 with IIT khadagpur, they are offering Bharat AC 001,DC 001 Combo Charger,charger is compotable with CCS AND SHEDEMO CUNNECTOR AND TYPE 2 CUNNECTOR .

This sitauted in Gudgaun telecom and renuble energy sector , they are also intalling charging system in India and also working in lithium battery pack for two wheeler and three wheeler in India.

They have launched there projects in India in sep 2012 , they have provided solution for electric Vehicle Charging,for utility CPOS as well as office charging system , they are also installing in prime location of many metro cities in India .

This Company is not just a Company all india feel very proud by the name of TATA INDIA , recently they have also launched many electric vehicle in India and also installing electric charging station in India mostly near Metro station, shoping complex, Railway station, Movie theatres and National Highway. 

They are trying to developing infrastructure in slow Charging Station and Public Charging Station in India,
In India so many companies are trying to enter in this sector because India is trying to switch into electric and other types of Vehicle by the great efforts of Indian Govt the demand of petrol version vehicle going to be changed in India.

There are also some more companies in India who's are doing work in this sector.

USA charging station Companies

Electrify America

Largest DC fast charging network for the majority of EV models. EVs with CCS charging connection. The Services are available in whole part of tge America,and it providing up to 350kw of electricity in an hour,for Vehicle able to charge times around half an hours,that can charge also at over 200kw.

Tesla Superchargers
It is the largest charger network in the country,less distance between station,but only for Tesla Vehicle,it is very smoother it can technically reach 300kw,and capped at 250kw.

They are also working to provide big network for non Tesla Vehicle in USA.

EVgo charge at around 50 kw as we know it's not good in long trip but it's good to spent your time when you are charging in your free time and you are just want to paas your time or may possible dine at restaurant. EVgo Also providing app Facility but only to swiping a credit card 😁.

Charge point
Largest charging point in USA, Charge point station tend to provide around 6.6kw of electricity per hours you can also increase level through 240v outlet charging station at home.

It is mostly for 🏨 or buisness places, they are trying to increase their stations in USA . There are a few DC fast chargers available on the Blink network, they mostly provide around 50kw of power.

In future more charging station companies may be available in USA our sources told us that oil and gass companies are also trying to enter in this new sector in USA .

What is hybrid Electric Vehicle and top list of hybrid Vehicle in India and USA 

Hybrid term mostly used for electric vehicles only, hybrid car or hybrid two wheeler means any vehicle where you can use your vehicle by two source of Power, Car where you can see two source of power in one vehicle patrol and electric . 

Because battery technology is developing day by day by this reason experts says that future is for only battery vehicle not for hybrid vehicle.

But hybrid vehicles also playning significant roll and some experts also stated that hybrid vehicle is also good choice,you have not to be worried to thinking about charging station, because technology used in hybrid vehicle is also supported in self charging system .

Top hybrid Vehicle Company in India

1) Toyota hybrid vehicle are in various features and Toyota is giving good finishing to these vehicle, you can also check that Toyota had launched many hybrid vehicles and 2023 Toyota will also launch many hybrid  vehicle with 3 year Toyota care and with all Laxeries features.

2)MG  also doing good work in hybrid vehicles, in 2023 Hactor MG is Top hybrid Vehicle in India and the price will start from 14.14 lakh to 24 lakh in showroom price. MG HACTOR + is also a part of MG in 2023 and this car shall available in 7 or 8 seater Car.

3) Honda City name is very close to Indian people and everyone is aware with this name in India so Hybrid Vehicle of Honda City will also be good choice and may be trusted choice to so many people. Price is started from 19 lakh , and there is also self charging features.

4) Maruti Suzuki India had launched so many Vehicle in last year and also in hybrid version , and everyone indian is very close to Maruti Suzuki and Maruti is also very close to Indians Maruti know the real demand and about the challenging traffic roads in India, that's why every vehicle of the Maruty will definitely be closed to indians, the starting price of Hybrid Vehicle is  7.85 lakh to 11.49 lakhs but maximum vehicle's are miled hybrid vehicle and not full hybrid Vehicle but with good milege and good engine power.

5) Toyota and Maruti Hybrid Vehicle also teaching lesson to work with double power and work together, by this lesson Toyota and Maruti also working together and launching full hybrid SUV Vehicle in Indi and indians can see this vehicle in 2023 .

Top hybrid vehicle Company in USA 

1)Hyundai  is doing good work In US that's why the recommendation of Hyundai is very important and the price starts from 30,900$, Company status is good and best reliable car in US , Hyundai Tucson Hybrid, Hyundai Santa Fe Hybrid bothe are very famous in hybrid version.

2) In 2023 Honda launching CR-V Hybrid and the starting price is 32,450$ to 38,660$ it is in the most affordable SUV Hybrid Car.

3) Toyota Company in US launching affordable SUV with good smart features , Toyota had launched many hybrid vehicles in US these are Toyota RAV4 hybrid, Toyota Highlander Hybrid, Toyota RAV4 Prime,Toyota Venza Price starts from 30,225$ to 45,460$, this price list is for all hybrid vehicle of Toyota.

4) KIA in USA also launching hybrid vehicles and Kia Sorento hybrid is also one of them starting price is 36,590 to 49,890$.

5) Ford Company had launched hybrid Vehicle in 2022, Ford Escape Hybrid price starts from 30,185$ to 40,700$, In 2023 Subaru hybrid Vehicle are also so attractive with good features and price. 

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