Cheque Bounce Charges SBI,ICICI,HDFC,UCO BANK'S | What is Cheque Bounce

 Cheque Bounce Charges 

Cheque Bounce Charges In SBI Bank

Cheque / Bill Deposited with bank return unpaid by other 
CHEQUE/ BILL -- 1 lakh =150/-+GST
      "      /   "    --  Above 1 lakh = 250/-+GST

Cheque Drawn on SBI for insufficient funds

For all 500 + GST 
Cheque returned charges for cheque Drawn 50 /-+ GST

Cheque bounce charges

Cheque Bounce Charges in ICici Bank 

100 for every cheque return for finance reasons

Cheque issued by customer is 350 for one cheque, after that it will be increased up to 750 and every month 50 rupees will be added .


First cheque dur to insufficient funds 350 and

Second cheque return in the same quarter -750 per return

Due to technical reasons 50 only

Cheques deposited returned unpaid charges 100 per instance .

If request is made by customer to stop payment or not to honour cheque -100/


Cheque above 1 lakh upto 10 lakh then service charge with GST 18% 236/-per instrument.

Cheque above Rs 10lakh upto 100 lakh then service charge is with 18% GST 590/- per instrument.

Cheque above Rs 100.00 lakh then service charge is with GST 18% 1062 Per instrument.

Local Cheque returned inward clearing Cheques .
Cheques upto Rs 1 lakh individual Account then service charge is Rs 108/ per instrument ( For senior Citizens 10% rebate)

Cheque above 1 lakh upto 10 lakh then total service charge is 226 per instrument.

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Cheque above 10 lakh upto 100 crores then service charge is 590/-  per instrument.

Cheque Above 100 lakh then services charge is Rs1062/- per instrument.

What is Cheque Bounce click here and read in detail 👆

Maximum people even today use Cheque to send money because it is a bank instrument and more reliable .

Now the question is what is cheque bounce, Cheque bounce occurs when a person gives a cheque to the bank for payment but due to some reason the bank rejects that Cheque.

There can be any reason behind the rejection of the check, such as non-balance, signature match did not happen or there can be any reason behind the rejection of the check, such as non-balance, signature match did not happen or sometime it can be revoked by owner of the cheques.

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