Online Fraud Complaint Number in 2023 | List of Right Platform for online earning

Online Fraud Complaint Number in 2023 

If you are also facing this problem or you are a victim of this offence it is requested to please complaint on help line number 155260. If It is true that somebody ask you for online earning and you show's your trust on that person or institute but in the end he brock your trust, asked for money you sended and in the last no response, it means now you have to take step and file a online complaint against that person.

You can file online complaint by clicking on cyber security just search for govt cybersecurity complaint website or you can directly call on this number 155260  .

There are many types of online fraud or crime . But you have to file your complaint by this you can also save other by cyber fraudsters .

Online job picture
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How to start earning money by online Jobs:

Today everyone is in this race to start online jobs and to earn money,but we want to share some facts and these all facts are big truth, if you are thinking that you can find better online job for yourself then this is your big mistake.

When you are searching for a job online then you will see that there are various jobs and they will underline work from Home, after the Covid 19 situation everybody wants online work from home,Because they feel safe.This blog is only for those who's are very new,unemployed and searching for jobs. 

There are some special points for you before you starts to reply for every advertising agency.

  • That don't see there perks or wages and salary because in the case of online job or work from Home there is less chances to get wages and other.It would be enough if they are giving you good salary. But it is not only 1 ground to trust on these advertising agency. 
  • If they are using any name then you should go on this official website or you can confirm that is its official website of that company.
  • MCA Ministry of corporate affairs if you don't know about this name then anybody can commit fraud with you. You can go on this site and can check your company it will apply on both work offline and online work. This is only for pvt,ltd.
  • Take your site name and search on MCA then they will provide you llp number,then search this number on mca master data option then enter this number again it will provides you full information.
  • If they are demanding any registration fee then please stop yourself there is not any singal company in this world who demands for registration fee or any other charges to provide you job.
  • Don't send your document picture and personal information .Before this, ask them for interview and then for there joining letter then you can verify.
  • Ask them in detail and then think is this job is made for you.Because they can offer you good salary and by this you will be ready. But this can be beyond to your qualification read their conditions carefully.
  • Because some time they can bound you for specific time period not just you but also to your documents.    

How we can start online and offline jobs 

We are not saying that there is not any singal platform for online jobs,If you are searching any online jobs and you have special talent then you should go on YouTube. As we know today everyone is on YouTube but if you have special talent can attract audience then youtube is best way. 

Marketing and freelancer is also providing a good job but in actual situation so many talented people after COVID 19 are unemployed then dont think that it would be easy task to take job on freelancing company

If you have special skills then you can upload video on youtube related to your Skills and can also apply in freelancing company. You can also start your own website with unique idea.

But if you don't have any special skills then it doesn't means you can't survive you have to find out your skills or you can also think about new ideas. 

Another Option for Job

It is not necessary to work online,but you can also work with your ideas and skills in your local. I have special example for you, just a example related to real life I will not disclose any name .E.g A a person thought that people wants to buy only made in india product so next diwali I will sale my self made electric bulb lights, actually so many people are working on this idea in many states of India.

Even Prime Minister Of India also stated that there are so many sectors where you can work for example toys industry you can start it from home.I think our pm has rightly stated make toys and show indian culture but it should be according to modern type by this you can attract.

Agriculture is also good option to start your work from home you can grow so many different type of plants and can sale,in this sector very less are working and they are earning very good money.


There are so many type of buisness online and offline. But first of all  you should be ready for this if you are ready then nobody can stop's you,today it may be small thing but in future when you will be successful then you will become paragon to everyone.

Enjoy your life,keep practising and aware everyone about fake private employer.
We want to say sorry for any mistake,these information may be changed some time.

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