Odisha Train Crash Reality | Do Train Accidents Occur only in India


                    Odisha Train Crashed 

On 2 June 2023, two passenger train collided on Howrah-Chennai main line in Balasore district. About 288 people have died and 803 have injured.This incident has been aired day in day out in the news channel explaining how the passenger trains collided. This accident is standing as a question mark on the progress of railways so far , such an accident in 21st century is surely disrupting India’s image worldwide. However train accidents have occurred many times worldwide .Lets have a look on them:-

First of all we will Start with the other Countries Train Accidents then we will talk about the Reality, and status of the investigation, what does Judges and Administrative Officers Said and had written to PM ? Will discuss everything.

Europeon Countries

Europeon countries have also faced such accidents. In Spain,2013, a high speed train derailed due to high speed on a curve which caused the death of 80 people and more than 140 were injured . Data recorder of the train showed that it was travelling with the speed twice the speed limit of 80 kilometers per hour. It was worst rail disaster in spain since 1972. 

In 2006, In Montenegro train was derailed due to the failure of braking system. After the derailment train fell down into Moraca river caused the death of 45 people and 184 people were injured.

Afcican And Asian Countries 

Talking about the African and Asian countries, In 2002 train disaster occurred in Egypt whereby an 11 carriage passenger train travelling from Ciaro to Luxor caught fire due to explosion in cooking gas cylinder exploded in fifth carriage. The death toll given was 383 and all were Egyptians. But this number is said to be underestimated as the fire in the train was so intense that the corpses were burnt into ashes, also many people attempted to flee which led to their death. Moreover, there was absence of a full passenger list.

In November 2016, two trains collided in Iran which resulted in 49 deaths and 103 injuries. The accident took place in remote location hence there were difficulties with rescue operations. It was deadliest rail disaster of Iran since the Nishapur train disaster in 2004. After this incident the Managing Director of the Islamic Republic of Railways Mohsen Pourseyyed Aqaei resigned also offered an apology to the nation for the deadly incident.

In America 

In America also number of rail accidents have taken place . From 2002 to 2023 railroad accidents have occurred ,though the casualties were less as compared to above mentioned incidents. But the point is those who points India for having such accidents even at this point of time should know that such accidents takes place even in the developed countries as well and that too at higher frequency then in India. Over 20 accidents have occurred since 2002 in U.S.A. though the casualties were low as compared to other rail disasters.

Ashwini Vaishnaw, the minister of railways said that a ‘high level inquiry’ has been ordered to find the reason as to what caused the crash. Prime Minister Modi visited the scene of crash and said that government would leave no stone 


CBI also investigating in this matter but there are so many Rumors may be it is right or just a Rumors but we can't make judgement right now everything will be clear after the completion of investigation but on 10 June 2023.

Former judges, IAS, IPS, IFS officers and others have written to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi stating that the Odisha train accident which killed more then 275 people and injured another 1,175 was caused by deliberate human interference, in a clear case of sabotage at the behest of terrorist outfits For More information read this article on livemint.com you can click here  👇Livemint.com 👈

It is true that this accident has drowned the whole country in the ocean of sorrow or we have paid tribute to all the people who have lost their valuable life in the accident, God has given their family the power to bear the sorrow.

But the external media and people of some countries got a chance to tarnish the image of the country after this accident and they are trying their best to create an atmosphere of fear, while accidents are happening in every country. The reasons for the accidents may be different, but there will hardly be any country which will knowingly invite such accidents, accidents have happened even in the big economic powers of the world, whose list we have given in our article, are you aware of those countries? Will stop traveling.

This matter is still a part of the investigation, what happened and how it happened is being investigated and if anyone is guilty then he will not be spared, as the government has said in its orders, the government of India has already made the railway safe for the last several years. 

It has been trying since and it has shown improvement to a great extent, many armors have also been installed in Indian Railways with the help of engineering, yet such a big accident has happened, it is a matter of investigation, where is the fault in the system? Everything will be known only after the investigation and this will also convince the railway officials that work will have to be done on better technology for the railways, 

But what kind of good technology will stop the accidents, till then only the invention of the future will tell us for the time being. We should wait for the result of this investigation whether it was any negligence, system was lacking or some well thought out conspiracy.

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